Excalibur – The Legendary Sword of King Arthur

The Excalibur slot machine was created by Atsushi Okubo. The story was based on the legendary king of Britain and the sword, which he used to fight dragons. The slot machine has 20 bet lines and a minimum bet of $0.01, and there are progressive jackpots as well as free spins. The game also features multiple paylines and a progressive jackpot of 500X your bet.

The sword was named Excalibur in the Morte d' Arthur, Thomas Malory's epic novel. The title of the novel refers to the name of Arthur's sword, which is also the name of his sacred sword, Clarent. The Clarent does not have a name in the novel. In fact, it's known only as the “Sword of the Lake” by Malory. It has no other name in the novel.

The game features three special symbols: a regular Wild, a Scatter, and a Legendary symbol. The Wild symbol forms its own combinations, beginning with two symbols, and pays the most. It can increase payouts by x10, x250, x2,500, and x10,000. The Scatter symbol, on the other hand, earns payouts by multiplying your Bet window. It can pay x2 or a multiple of your Bet.

As a legend, the sword of King Arthur is still a popular one in popular culture. It was once owned by King Arthur and was praised by many. It became a symbol of great power and divine kingship. Today, people have the opportunity to own one, which is why the Excalibur has become such an iconic part of modern culture. So what is it about this legendary sword? There are a variety of theories about the history of the sword, but it all boils down to the strength of your will.

The sword of King Arthur was named Caledfwlch in Welsh. The name Caledfwlch could have become Excalibur. The name “Excalibur” has been associated with the sword of King Arthur for centuries. In the story of Merlin, Arthur is shown wielding it. In the film, he uses it to fight monsters and enrage the devil. However, the sword is not named Excalibur. It is the Sword of King Arthur.

The legend of the sword of King Arthur has been told since the fifth century. Despite the sword's legend, it was given by the Lady of the Lake in exchange for his loyalty and fidelity to the court. The Queen of the Lake demanded that Arthur kill a knight for his brother, and the head of Lady Lile for the death of her father. The King, however, refused to take Balin's demands. The queen and her husband had no choice but to kill the evil knight, causing a revolt and a war.

The Excalibur slot machine is available for free and real money. It has a 20-line layout and the symbols include the holy Grail, red wine, and the golden goblet. The symbols come to life with the help of energetic drum beats. Landing three Scatter symbols will award you 10 Free Spins, while landing four will grant you 20 or 30 free spins. During the Free Spins mode, any winnings will be multiplied by three.

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